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MoU between Graduate Academy of Social Sciences and Angelo State University, Texas, USA

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On October 1st, 2018, Graduate Academy of Social Sciences signed its memorandum of understanding with Angelo State University.

Angelo State University was in the top 5 universities of Texas and ranks at the 15th place among state universities in the United Stated. Participating in the ceremony, representing the Graduate Academy of Social Sciences were Prof. Pham Van Duc, President, Prof. Ho Viet Hanh, Vice-President, heads of related departments and Head of the Faculty of Business Administration. Representing Angelo State University was Dr. Won Jae Lee, Director of the Asian region, on behalf of Dr. Brian J. May, President of ASU.

Overview of the meeting

Highlighting the effort of both institutions to reach this MoU signing ceremony, Prof. Pham Van Duc claimed that cooperation between GASS and ASU would be profitable to both sides. GASS intended to develop a Master of Business Administration course in English and a short-term English course with the support of ASU. These American-standard courses would become a breakthrough to training in GASS. Prof. Pham Van Duc also stressed that following the MoU, related departments of both sides needed to work hard to put the memorandum into practice, especially in student enrollment and program building.   

Dr. Won Jae Lee thanked GASS and Prof. Pham Van Duc for facilitating the cooperation between GASS and ASU through this MoU. The selective collaboration that GASS chose for the first stage of cooperation between GASS and ASU reflected the good will and expectation of a fruitful collaboration. ASU agreed to develop the MBA and English executive courses following ASU standards. Further cooperation will rely on the results of these two activities. 

Upon agreement of general issues, Prof. Pham Van Duc and Dr. Won Jae Lee, on behalf of Dr. Brian J. May, signed the memorandum of understanding between two institutions.



News: Ngoc Toan

Photo: Thanh Ly

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