Graduate Academy of Social Sciences strengthens cooperation with Nantes University, France

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On January 17th, 2018, Prof. Dr. Pham Van Duc, President of Graduate Academy of Social Sciences worked with Nantes University on furthering the cooperation between two institutions. Representing GASS was President Prof. Pham Van Duc. Representing Nantes University were Prof. Thomas Vallee, Ms. Ria Deniska and Mr. Stephane Lagree.

At the meeting, Prof. Thomas Vallee expressed his pleasure to visit the Graduate Academy of Social Sciences. He congratulated the success of the WANASEA project in which GASS and Nantes University were both key members. The MoU signed in this meeting would clarify the role of both sides in this project. Nantes University would be the coordinator of the overall project, while GASS would coordinate activities in member countries.

GASS and Nantes University in the meeting

In recent years, GASS and Nantes University have organized many training courses on social sciences in Southeast Asia, the most recent was Tam Dao summer course. Based on the MoU of the WANASEA project, project coordinators would manage activities and allocate suitable resources, ensuring the productivity and timing of the project. A board of directors would be founded to make important decisions related to budget and project direction. 

Prof. Pham Van Duc and Prof. Thomas Vallee exchanged the MoU

Prof. Pham Van Duc expressed his agreement with the MoU. Prof. Duc also committed to give full support to the WANASEA project.

Lastly, both sides exchanged information to prepare for the kick-off meeting on January 18-19th, 2018 with the participation of partners, experts and funders of WANASEA project.         

News: Dieu Linh

Photo: Thanh Lý

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