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International Conference on Application of Marxism-Leninism into socialism construction

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From November 22nd to 23rd, 2017, in Vientiane, Laos, Lao Academy of Social Sciences has organized the 5th International Conference on Socialism: “The application of Marxism-Leninism into socialism construction”. Scholars from many countries have participated in the conference, including Vietnam, China, Cuba, North Korea, and Laos.

Attending the conference, on Lao side were Prof. Soukongseng Saignaleuth, Member of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, President of the Lao Academy of Social Sciences, Dr. Amphavanh Khamxengsivilay, Vice-President of LASS. On Vietnam side was Prof. Pham Van Duc, Vice-President of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, President of Graduate Academy of Social Sciences. On China side was Prof. Pan Jianxin, Vice-Director of the Institute of Marxism.

In his opening speech, Prof. Soukongseng Saignaleuth stressed that 2017 was 100 years after the October Revolution in Russia, the first socialist state in the world. Although the Soviet Union and Eastern European socialist countries collapsed, other socialist countries have faced the problems of the collapsed countries and drawn out lessons for themselves, being consistent with the direction of socialism.  

Prof. Pham Van Duc gave a speech at the conference

At the conference, Prof. Pham Van Duc, head of the Vietnamese delegation highlighted the aim of the conference: looking at the current state of socialism nowadays to face its limitations, especially in developing democracy, rule-by-law states, political stability and social agreement in building a socialist-oriented market economy. Facing these obstacles, Marxism-Leninism needs adaptation to ensure its suitability and scientific foundation. The adaptation requires persistent pursuit of Marxism-Leninism in each socialist country along with extensive research on Marxism-Leninism in the current context.

Vietnam delegation at the conference

In two days with 19 presentations and various comments, the conference focused on 4 themes: (i) the role of Marxism-Leninism in building a democratic state, (ii) the role of Marxism-Leninism in developing political ideology and national unity, (iii) sociocultural values and human resource development in socialist countries, and (iv) Marxism-Leninism in developing socialism-oriented market economy.

These themes reflect the issues of interest of socialist countries in its way to achieve socialism in the modern context. The conference is not only a chance for social scientists to meet and discuss urging issues in socialism nowadays but is also a chance for each country to review the values and limitations of Marxism-Leninism over time, in order to develop the framework to fit contemporary context.


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